Maintenance Service

Especially in high-traffic areas of a building, damage occurs constantly. A mail cart scrapes through the doorway, a steaming coffee cup leaves a ring on the conference room table, furniture gouges a room’s baseboard – the examples are endless and happen every day. The maintenance program is designed to provide our clients and their buildings with premiere woodwork repair on a consistent basis.

Our maintenance program allows you access to our wood restoration experts on a recurring schedule. At the agreed-upon frequency, our team will travel to your location and perform a half or full day’s work depending on need. This service extends the lifetime of your woodwork and provides excellent value for its maintenance. For more details on this service and its pricing, contact us to set up a free consultation.

Save Money

The cost of repairing and refinishing is typically far less than the cost of replacement. You’ll be amazed by the savings.

Reduce Waste

Get the most out of a product’s lifecycle; don’t just throw it away. If it’s wood, we can likely fix it for you.

Impress Guests

The care and attention you give to your business signal your care and attention to your clients. A clean, tidy environment makes an excellent first impression.

Preserve History

As wood restoration artisans, we hold true appreciation for this historic craft. Allow your woodwork to retain its original beauty with our quality finishing.

Before & After


What does this cover?

We will repair and restore your wood and veneered particleboard products on-site.

Commercial Furniture


Wood Panels

Molding & Trim

Craftsmanship is our legacy.

For nearly 50 years, DG Woodcare has provided artisan wood maintenance to the Minneapolis-area. Founded by Maynard Gelfand, our family business flourished with our genuine passion for this craft.